"Tell me, Ninea. In the end, do we deserve to be saved?"

Ninea is a Messenger: one of many charged to receive messages from the elusive Archivists and to deliver them to their destination. This routine is her life, her purpose.
And then the day comes when she finds something alien, a sign of an insidious threat meant to go forever unnoticed.
With this revelation the world begins to crash down around her in a frighteningly literal sense.  The Archivists too have discovered this danger, yet their solution is unthinkable:
The Falling Leaves Protocol, an irreversible trajectory toward their dying world's end.

As Ninea leads the people to a semblance of safety, she finds herself face to face with unexpected opposition; much that was thought to be legend is truth, destruction in the guise of salvation.

Falling Leaves is a sci-fi comic with an original setting based loosely on cellular biology. It is an apocalyptic tale of endings, beginnings, and most of all:


A tiny disclaimer

Falling Leaves is not intended for educational purposes and is in no way entirely accurate. Many details about the science it's based on were deliberately ignored for the sake of a narrative, as it is meant to stand on its own without prior knowledge of cell bio.
As such, although many aspects about them are based on DNA, cells, etc, the characters and settings are completely original. Some plot points use cell bio as a springboard, but the narrative is what it is.

I'm not a biologist, I'm just passionate about it and wanted to do something fun with it. Hence, Falling Leaves :D



The Characters:

Ninea character profile.png
Ninea Strelke

"I can't vouch for all of you, but I would rather have an above-zero chance at living."

Mads character profile.png
Mads Rhodarik

"We are in way over our heads--but we aren't special for it. And, we can certainly do something about it." 

Cil character profile.png
Cil Maryllin

"In the end we are all storytellers. Some just tell by doing."

Cap character profile.png
Captain "Cap" Strelke

"As there must always be messengers, there must always be a captain. The claws are just a perk of the job."

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